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Are Russians Secretly Backing Some U.S. Environmentalists?

Bangkokhappiness /
Written by Alicia F. Luke

The only Russian stooge that I know of is Hillary Clinton…

This actually was pretty clear during the pipeline controversy if you looked at the social media of some of the people against the pipeline at the time. Russians don’t want us to gain the energy dominance that we have since then. Just more evidence that Trump isn’t a Russian stooge, otherwise he wouldn’t be promoting our energy independence. –WZ

Daily Caller:

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An open records lawsuit filed against the State Department is attempting to uncover whether Russian entities attempted to financially support U.S. environmentalist causes.

The Institute for Energy Research (IER) — a free-market energy group based in Washington, D.C. — filed the lawsuit on Monday. IER has requested the State Department to hand over correspondence concerning hydraulic fracturing, environmental advocacy and Russia that was exchanged to and from high-ranking employees.

The lawsuit follows a Freedom of Information Act request filed by IER back in October. However, the free-market group claims State Department officials are dragging their feet on providing the requested information.

“Any foreign attempts to covertly influence U.S. energy policy must be exposed and met with full consequences,” read a Monday statement from IER President Thomas Pyle. “Particularly given what we have already learned, the State Department’s evident lack of interest in examining this issue of obvious concern to congressional oversight, or in bothering with a substantive response to our request even when pressed, is deeply concerning.” More

I would wager most of America’s enemies are backing the environmentalists.

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