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Slick Willy To DNC Chair: Keep Bernie Supporters Out Of Power

Bill Clinton To DNC Chair: Keep Bernie Supporters Out Of Power
Anthony Correia /
Written by Alicia F. Luke

On CSPAN, Jonathan Allen, co-author of a book on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, says that Bill Clinton has been pressuring DNC Chair Tom Perez to keep Bernie Sanders’ supporters from gaining power in Democratic Party.


In an interview with CSPAN on Thursday, Jonathan Allen explained how the Clintons have continued their war on Sanders and his supporters even after the 2016 election.

“Roughly half the Democratic Party felt the DNC was unfairly tipping the scales in the last presidential election, trying to get Hillary Clinton nominated, trying to hurt Bernie Sanders,” Allen said. “Really there’s just been a clash between these two sides.”

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Allen said those tensions “resumed the minute that Donald Trump was elected,” asserting, “Tom Perez is in the middle of that and he’s gotten very explicit instructions from President [Bill] Clinton…not to let the party go to the Bernie Sanders folks.”

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