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CNN Commentator: Trump Administration Doing ‘Hostile Takeover’ Of The Courts

Written by Alicia F. Luke

Elections have consequences…

CNN commentator Symone Sanders said Wednesday the Trump administration is enacting a “hostile takeover of the courts,” complaining some of the judges weren’t approved by the American Bar Association.
Senate leaders struck a deal on Tuesday to quickly confirm seven more federal district court judges, meaning President Donald Trump has now had 60 judges put on the bench. That includes Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.
Sanders, who served as press secretary for the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), said it amounted to a hostile takeover and was “very underreported.”
“This has been very underreported, but folks do not understand that a hostile takeover of the courts by folks who are not even approved by the American Bar Association is happening,” she said. “There are judges on the list right now that are not approved by the American Bar Association, and Donald Trump’s lasting legacy, among other things. will be that he was able to reshape the courts for a generation, and that is something Grassley and McConnell are very tied to, and I think they don’t want to see their ally in this effort go.” More

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