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CNN Media Panel Frets If Fox News Is Controlling The Government

Written by Alicia F. Luke

Deep in the bowels of the internet, you’ll find conspiracy theorists who believe lizards are in control of the government, but on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” you’ll find people who believe the government is run by a Fox. Fox News that is.

It has been a growing concern among left-wing media hacks that, since President Trump took office, conservative media now had the access and influence President Obama had gifted to them. And in recent weeks, CNN has been on a crusade of making it seem like it was abnormal. As the Media Research Center previously reported, CNN ran a report cautioning their few viewers that the Trump administration was hiring friendly journalists in droves (but just a handful), while failing to mention that President Obama had hired as little as 30 friendly journalists (at least four from CNN) over his eight years in office.

But facts do not come first at CNN as Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter ran yet another segment decrying how Fox News opinion hosts had close and personal relationships with the President. “With high ratings comes huge headaches, that is really the deal with Sean Hannity and Fox News. Hannity’s relationship with President Trump is even tighter than we thought according to this new reporting from the Washington Post,” he announced to kick off the segment. If what Stelter said was true, it might explain why CNN doesn’t have any headaches when it comes to how ridiculous their hosts and reporters conduct themselves. (…)

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