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CNN & MSNBC Cut Away From Trump’s “Angel Families” Event

Written by Alicia F. Luke

I’ve found myself turning off all MSM news channels for the past week as it’s been non-stop lies and all anti-Trump rhetoric. It’s the same rants over and over and over again, nothing new.

Next week Mexico will most likely elect a  Marxist their president that’s already called for a massive wave of Mexicans to storm and invade the US border… In such numbers, we’ll be overwhelmed.

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Washington Times: At least two cable TV news channels cut away from President Trump’s event Friday with families of people killed by illegal immigrants, switching to reports about the separation of illegal immigration families at the border.

CNN and MSNBC pivoted to the family separation issue even as parents on stage with Mr. Trump said their plight was ignored by the news media.

“The mainstream media does not let you know what is really happening,” said Maryann Mendoza, who lost her son, Mesa Police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, in 2014 following a vehicular accident with an illegal alien allegedly driving drunk at three times the legal limit.

CNN cut to a live shot of a reporter outside a Texas detention facility for illegal immigrant children.

The chyron read: “Thousands of kids in limbo as Trump’s order sparks confusion.”

MSNBC returned to its continuing coverage of the family separation issue under the banner “families torn apart.”

The banner topped a chyron that read: “Trump offers changing stories and false flames on separation of immigration families.”

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