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CNN’s Zeleny: President Trump Wins By Skipping “Cringeworthy” WHCD

CNN’s Zeleny: President Trump Wins By Skipping “Cringeworthy” WHCD
Written by Alicia F. Luke

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny says that President Trump “won” Saturday night by skipping the “cringe-worthy” and “not funny” White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The attacks On Sarah Sanders “not funny” & “cringeworthy”

Sarah Sanders came off looking like a classy lady. That other gal, well she came off looking like a word ladies don’t use.

When CNN says your Trump Administration put-downs, jokes and insults were “not funny” and “cringeworthy” its safe to say that, as a comedian, you’ve bombed…

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President Trump always wins. Maybe the left should wake up and start working with us to make America great again.

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