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Congress Members Go To Border And Help Asylum Seekers Get Into The Country

Congress Members Go To Border And Help Asylum Seekers Get Into The Country
Joseph Sorrentino /
Written by Alicia F. Luke

I’m sorry to say I think America is in big trouble…

And every one of these subversives would balk at housing these people in their homes… And all the while, not doing a thing for our Veterans.

They are literally working to have open borders. Now, everyone is suddenly not an illegal alien but an “asylum seeker” who will then be released pending their hearing and disappear into the United States. –WZ

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San Diego Union Tribune:

Customs and Border Protection officers on Tuesday morning took in the final members of a group of asylum seekers who, accompanied by attorneys and two members of Congress, sat on U.S. soil outside the Otay Mesa Port of Entry for hours, some overnight.

Reps. Nanette Barragan and Jimmy Gomez, both of the Los Angeles area, walked with the group of about 15 asylum seekers up the path to the port of entry around 2:30 p.m. on Monday. When they passed a placard that indicated they had reached the U.S., all of the migrants sat down on the concrete in front of the port’s gate.

At some point, an additional family that happened to be trying to request asylum at the port joined the group.

Volunteers, mostly attorneys and law students, shielded the migrants to keep them from being forced back into Mexico while the two members of Congress questioned officials about whether they would take the group into the port for processing. More

Aiding and abetting criminals by Democrats. Who would have thought it?

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