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Dad Shares What Trump Did For Him After He Lost His Son To Drugs

Dad Shares What Trump Did For Him After He Lost His Son To Drugs
Written by Alicia F. Luke

Trump is a 1000% better man than Obama could have ever hope to be. We’ve never heard of Barack Obama personally doing a good thing for anyone.

Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump held a summit on the opioid crisis at the White House Thursday.

The attendees at the event included parents who have lost family members and children in the epidemic, high-ranking administration officials and health professionals.

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In one particularly emotional moment, Trump asked a father who lost his son to drugs to stand up and say a few words. The man is a developer from New York City named Steve and he had known Trump for years. In 2011, when his son died, he described how Trump was personally supportive of him.  More

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