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Watch Out Nancy Pelosi Democrat Socialists Want “Diversity Of Age”

Watch Out Nancy Pelosi Democrat Socialists Want "Diversity Of Age"
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Written by Alicia F. Luke

The spineless Democrats have let their party slide to so far left they are self-destructing before our very eyes. It’s so much fun to watch!


CNN’s Erin Burnett played that clip of Pelosi for Ocasio-Cortez during their interview.

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“I think that we’re in the middle of a movement in this country,” Ocasio-Cortez responded. “I feel this movement, but that movement is going to happen from the bottom up. That movement is going to come from voters.”

“There are a lot of really exciting races with extremely similar dynamics as mine,” she continued. “It’s not just one district. You look at Ayanna Pressley out in Massachusetts. Same exact situation.”

Burnett then noted that Democratic leaders are getting old, citing 78-year-old Pelosi, 79-year-old Steny Hoyer, and 77-year-old Jim Clyburn.

“Is it time for new blood?” Burnett asked.

“I do think that we do need to elect a generation of new people to Congress in both parties,” Ocasio-Cortez replied.

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