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Dollemore’s B.S. Meter: FULL BLOWN LIAR! (Video)

Dollemore's B.S. Meter: FULL BLOWN LIAR! (Video)
Written by Alicia F. Luke

President Trump plays these leftist morons and they are so blind with hate they can’t see it. Deport all criminal illegals and build the wall!

For those who do not know, Jesse Dollemore is a Trump hating, left-wing kook, that runs a YouTube channel called, “Dollemore Daily.” Him, like others, are making money spreading propaganda to the low information segment of our society.

He makes his videos for click bait. It doesn’t matter if he tells the truth, he makes money every time some other libtard watches his videos. TFN has grown tired of debunking him, but there was something about this particular video that rubbed us the wrong way, and we couldn’t resist making him look stupid, again.

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