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Illegal Alien Charged With Repeated Sexual Battery, Molestation Of Child

Illegal Alien Charged With Repeated Sexual Battery, Molestation Of Child
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Written by Alicia F. Luke

Just remember that RINOs and Democrats call hard-working Americans who pay taxes “Deplorables” and illegal aliens on welfare Dreamers.


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A foreign national was arrested and charged with repeatedly sexual battery of a child in Polk County on Wednesday.

According to the sheriff’s office, Carlos Calderon, 41, of Auburn, a Mexican national, was arrested.

Detectives were told by an adult of a disclosure made by a child (who is 12-years-old or younger) that Calderon had sexually explicit photos of a child on his cell phone.

Further investigation revealed the child disclosed she had been repeatedly sexually battered and violated by Calderon, starting when she was 7-years-old.

Detectives got access to Calderon’s cell phone and discovered the photos he had taken of the child.

Detectives also found a sex toy in Calderon’s bedroom that was described by the child.

Calderon admitted to taking the sexually explicit photos of the child and battering her.

When asked how many times he committed a specific type of sexual battery, Calderon responded “hell, I don’t know.”

When Calderon’s fingerprints were entered into a database, the sheriff’s office received a warrant for arrest of alien from the US Department of Homeland Security.

The warrant states Calderon either lacks immigrant status or regardless of his status, he is removable from the US under U.S. immigrant law.

ICE is aware of Calderon’s arrest. More

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