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Report Shows More Illegal Aliens In ICE Custody (Video)

Written by Alicia F. Luke

Do you remember a time when criminals crossing the border illegally and being detained and then locked up was just normal?

It should concern everyone when their local leaders protect those breaking the law. The law is the law. Now our leaders need to abide by it or be forced to uphold it.

The Lone Star State saw more ICE transfers…

Fox News:

While cities from Los Angeles to Chicago to Philadelphia are openly defying the Trump administration’s immigration orders, the most populous county in Texas is happily obliging.

Many large municipalities across the country with large immigrant populations are vocally challenging President Trump’s immigration crackdown and passing sanctuary city policies to rebel against it.

But officials in Harris County, Texas, which includes Houston and where Hispanics are by far the largest ethnic group, are fully cooperating with federal immigration authorities, a new report shows.

A report by the Migration Policy Institute released this month shows that from January to May last year, the number of illegal immigrants handed to Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Harris County jumped 60 percent compared to the same period the year before. Hispanics make up about 44 percent of the county’s population, according to Census estimates. More

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