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Judge Jeanine BLASTS AG Sessions: He Is The ‘Most Dangerous Man In America’

Judge Jeanine BLASTS Ag Sessions: He Is The 'Most Dangerous Man In America'
Written by Alicia F. Luke

I hope President Trump was watching this opening statement by Judge Jeanine, no more powerful and truthful statement has ever been made or can be made about FBI mole Jeff Sessions.

Judge Jeanine Pirro basted AG Jeff Sessions and labeled him as “the most dangerous man in America” at the one-year anniversary of the Mueller probe.

Fox News: Pirro said the investigation has been staffed with the “singularly most-biased special counsel attorneys in American history.”

“We have witnessed events unfold which are so unbelievable and so unimaginable, you’d have to be wearing a tin foil hat or be a card-carrying member of the conspiracy party to even believe it exists,” she said.

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Pirro called the reported FBI informant that was placed in the Trump campaign “a classic totalitarian Third World tactic.”

She said that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch would had to have approved the informant.

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