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Judge Jeanine Drops Truth Bomb: President Trump, You Must Build The Wall

Written by Alicia F. Luke

I 100% agreed with Jeanine. President Trump shut the border and build the wall immediately. Keep the government shut down until the Democrats fund the wall. It’s your job to secure the border and protect the Americans first.

Judge Jeanine Pirro used her opening statement to directly address the President of the United States and encourage him to stay strong in his fight for a border wall.

“I would like to direct my open to the president of the United States. Mr. President, I understand the pressure that you are under from every side. But the wall at our southern border is a promise that you made, ran on, got elected on and must keep. But more than that, it is your legacy. And you cannot allow them to force you to compromise. So here we are, days before the Christmas holiday, and you are facing the most important issues that Americans elected you to confront. Your promise to build the wall. Now, there has never been a president more dedicated to fulfilling a campaign promise than you. Unlike just about every other president in recent memory, you say what you mean and you mean what you say. That is why your base is so loyal to you and continues to grow. You have done what no other president that has had the fortitude to do. The wall is no different. And you must fulfill this fundamental promise to the American people. You cannot buckle. “

“I am pleading with you on behalf of the American people who believe with every fiber of their being that if anyone can get it done, you are the one who can and will. This is your moment in history. Just do it. Thank you, Mr.President.”

Dear Democrats, We have a little news for you… The Build The Wall GoFundMe tops $15.5 million. Raised by 255,330 people in 5 days!

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