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Judge Jeanine EXPOSES The Rise Of Socialism (Video)

Judge Jeanine EXPOSES The Rise Of Socialism (Video)
Written by Alicia F. Luke

How would you like it if the government took the money you worked for and simply gave it to others?

Socialism doesn’t equal open borders, so why is left portraying it like that? All socialist countries have borders that they actively protect. What the left is doing is so convoluted that it’s ridiculous, and liberals are eating it up like the truth. I guess the dumbing down of America is working.


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Judge Jeanine Pirro opened up her Saturday night show by warning about the rise of socialism in wake of the nationwide immigration protests and marches and calls to abolish ICE.

“The rise of socialism has never been more clear,” she began. “Right now in America there are forces dug in, organized and well funded, doing whatever is necessary to make socialism happen. Today’s demonstrations are part of an ongoing step-by-step agenda to change our country at its very core. They demand the abolition of ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the zero-tolerance policy of the Trump Administration.”

She then played a clip of Cynthia Nixon, gubernatorial candidate in the State of New York, calling for the abolishment of ICE.

“Cynthia, are you stupid?” Pirro asked.

Then after taking on Kirsten Gillibrand and others who have stood up against ICE, Pirro said this: “So what’s going on? The overarching message is that illegals — people who do not respect our laws — are entitled to everything that we Americans are. They are being wronged by Americans if we don’t share our wealth, our capitalistic success and our way of life with them. This, my friends, is socialism. Like the Women’s March, these anti-Trump protesters are extremely well organized and they are more than political. They are ideological. We are witnessing the evolution of a socialist coup.” More

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” -Margaret Thatcher

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