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Judge Jeanine Savages James Comey: Only Difference Between You And J. Edgar Hoover Is He Wore Dresses

Judge Jeanine Savages Comey: Only Difference Between You And J. Edgar Hoover Is He Wore Dresses
Written by Alicia F. Luke

Jeanine Pirro: You knew from the get-go that you were going to cut Hillary loose, and you knew from your time in the Obama Administration that you would go after Donald Trump. You deceived the American people. And as a result, you, the director of the FBI, are under investigation for leaking classified information.

You could be looked at for theft of government property, obstruction of justice yourself, and a clear abuse of power. And if I were a betting woman, I’d bet that your friend clapper is another one soon to be under investigation. And the bittersweet irony for all Americans is that we will be able to watch you fight each other, Andrew Mccabe who says you told him repeatedly that it was okay to leak to the “Wall Street journal,” and Loretta lynch who you accused of pressuring you not to call Hillary’s case an investigation. So now folks the whole idea of Russian collusion with the Donald Trump campaign fades into obscurity. We now know and we now see the deep state doing what it does best, state actors protecting each other and like minded members of the system. But if there’s any justice, and the department of justice is independently run, you’ll all be made accountable. And finally, Jim, you’ve done more damage to the FBI as an institution than Jay Edgar Hoover because your mission was to change the course of American presidential history. The only difference between you Hoover is that he wore dresses and even if you wanted to, you probably couldn’t get one to fit you at 6’8”.

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