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Liberal Radio Host Rips Into Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 Chances: “Nobody Likes Him”

Liberal Radio Host Rips Into Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 Chances: “Nobody Likes Him”
Written by Alicia F. Luke

On his radio show, liberal host Bill Press rips into Andrew Cuomo’s electoral prospects in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, saying “nobody likes him.”

The only place I want to find Cuomo’s name is on an arrest warrant. How about you?


Press’ remark came during a discussion with New Republic writer Graham Vyse about the intraparty conflicts of the Democratic party and how progressives candidates are being challenged by moderate Democrats like Rep. Conor Lamb (D., Penn.), who recently won a special election in the 18th Congressional District.

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“I believe that the progressives are right. A more progressive candidate can win in districts where we might have didn’t think they could before,” Press said. “At the same time, a guy like Conor Lamb fit the district that he ran in, and that’s the most important.”

On the topic of the Democratic primary for New York’s gubernatorial race, Press said a Democrat could “be a lot more to the left than Cuomo is” and get elected in the blue state. Former “Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon is running further to the left on the ideological scale than Cuomo. More

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