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Megyn Kelly Outlines The Kavanaugh Allegations’ Scant Evidence & Many Inconsistencies

Megyn Kelly Outlines The Kavanaugh Allegations’ Scant Evidence & Many Inconsistencies
Written by Alicia F. Luke

NBC’s Megyn Kelly outlines the scant evidence and many inconsistencies in the allegations’ against Judge Brett Kavanaugh during a panel discussion on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

Kudos to Megyn Kelly for pointing out how ridiculous, inconsistent, and factually unfounded Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s claims really are.

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Sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell says she would not bring criminal charges against Kavanaugh in a new memo… Exactly how much coverage of this report do you believe will be given by the MSM? None, Zero. Zilch. Nada… Democrats aren’t interested in a “preponderance of the evidence. More

Here’s some common sense analysis for your reading pleasure.

This comes from a friend who only wants to be identified as Alice:

If I were at a “gathering” with 4 boys and my best friend,
and my best friend went upstairs then 2 guys followed
her up, and all the sudden the music started blaring and
they were up there for a while …..then the 2 guys came
downstairs laughing etc, and my friend came down just 
a few minutes later and rushed to get out of the house
without saying a word to anyone or calling anyone to come
get her, you can bet your last dollar that I would never leave
her alone until I found out what happened and why she left
me there by myself if that awful thing happened. . I would
have been out the door after her, been over to her house, on
the phone to her that same night and many times every day
until I found out what happened. I would want to know how
she got home, which was at least 6 miles from the party, and
why she left so suddenly. Every girl I knew in high school
would have done the same thing. Dr. Ford made the
statement that she and her best friend never ever talked
about it, not that night or ever.
It seems implausible to me that Dr. Ford’s best friend never
asked her what happened and they never talked about Ford’s
leaving the party if her story is true. Why would not Dr. Ford
warn her friend about those boys? Why wouldn’t she take her
friend with her when she left so they could not do that same
thing to her friend? Not to mention that her best friend said
she does not recall any of this happening, along with
everyone else she said was at the party said they did not
recall it happened.
And on top of all that not one of the people she says were
at the “gathering” lived anywhere close to the area close
to the country club where Dr. Ford says it happened. It is
obvious that the party did not take place at any of their
homes. Why would a bunch of kids be drinking beer in
a home of someone, can’t recall who, that was not at the
party? None of this story makes any sense. To me facts
matter and these are the facts as stated by Dr. Ford. It
does not make sense to me.

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