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MSNBC Guest: ‘Whites Don’t Get a Vote’ On What’s Racist

MSNBC Guest: ‘Whites Don’t Get a Vote’ On What’s Racist
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Written by Alicia F. Luke

Appearing as a panel member on Saturday’s AM Joy on MSNBC Elie Mystal went on a rant about Republican Congressman Mark Meadows, calling him a “racist,” and declaring that “whites don’t get a vote” in deciding who is “racist.”

JOY REID: I know you have a reaction, Elie. I feel in my heart that you might have a reaction.

ELIE MYSTAL: I know why members of Congress can’t say this, because they have to work with the man, but I don’t have to work with the man. Mark Meadows is so racist that he needs to be put on display at the African-American History Museum as an artifact, all right? I am so sick of Republicans thinking that the only racist people left in America are David Duke and Louis Farrakhan, all right?

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White people don’t get a vote! My people have been held in bondage and oppression in the New World for 400 years! My own counsel will I keep on who is to be called “racist,” all right? So when these people — when these white Republicans try to tell me, and “Bagger Vance” standing behind her —  when these people try to tell me who is racist and who is not racist, they need to understand that I do not care! What I care about is what their policies are and what their actions are. And Mark Meadows is a birther, so he can roll his behind out of here.

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