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NC Bike Bill Would Require Cyclists To Register Bikes, Pay Registration Fees

Written by Alicia F. Luke

Democrat dumbfounded…


A North Carolina bill working it’s way through the General Assembly would require all bicycles operated by persons age 16 and over to be registered with the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

House Bill 157, sponsored by Alexander County Rep. Jeffrey Elmore, also will require the owner to register for an annual bicycle registration fee shall that will cost $10.

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The bill outlines the registration fees to be used by the Department of Transportation “for bicycle safety related projects, including bicycle 13 lanes, signage, safety education, and bicycle helmet grants for minors.”

Once the bike owner registers with the DMV, the bill says the Division shall issue a registration card and registration plate “suitably sized for a bicycle to be attached to the rear of the bicycle.”

“My biggest question is….WHY?” says Neal Boyd with BIKE! Charlotte. “I would love to know the reasoning behind introducing a bill that’s more than likely not even going to fund the actual cost to collect and effectively maintain the program.”

Boyd told WBTV he read the bill but he didn’t see or hear why it was introduced. He’s got a lot of questions about what would happen if the bill passes. More

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