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Sheila Jackson Lee Refuses Questions After Her Staffer Arrested For Doxing GOP Senators (Video)

Capitol Police Arrest Democratic Staffer For Doxxing GOP Senators
Video Screenshot
Written by Alicia F. Luke

So it was, in fact, a Democratic staffer. The charges are interesting and reveal more than the story is saying presently about the case – witness tampering, identity theft, second-degree burglary, and unlawful entry.

There’s a lot of charges there. That suggests he broke into whatever House computer he used, maybe essentially impersonated someone. But what’s the ‘witness tampering’ charge? He was on Sheila Jackson Lee’s staff until the charges broke, then he was canned. –WZ

She looks like a deer in headlights…

The fact that he worked for Sheila Jackson Lee and Barbara Boxer tells us all we need to know. Make an example out of him or this stuff will just continue!

Daily Caller:

U.S. Capitol Police arrested Wednesday a former Democratic staffer suspected of posting the personal information of at least one United States senator to the internet.
The home addresses and other personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch of Utah were posted to Wikipedia on Sept. 27 from an individual located in the House of Representatives.
Jackson A. Cosko, 27, was charged with making public restricted personal information, witness tampering, threats in interstate communications, unauthorized access of a government computer, identity theft, second-degree burglary and unlawful entry, according to a Capitol Police statement. Additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues.
Cosko has most recently worked as an intern for Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. He has also worked under Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and former California Sen. Barbara Boxer, according to Fox News. More

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