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Sheila Jackson Lee’s Staffer Arrested For Doxxing Republican Senators Wasn’t An Intern

Sheila Jackson Lee's Staffer Arrested For Doxxing Republican Senators Wasn’t An Intern
Written by Alicia F. Luke

The plot thickens… What organization?

Update to this: Sheila Jackson Lee Refuses questions after her staffer arrested for doxing GOP Senators… She looks like a deer in headlights


The Dem Staffer Arrested For Doxxing Republican Senators WASN’T An Intern.

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Daily Wire:

A Democratic staffer arrested last week on charges that he revealed the personal information of several Republican Senate Judiciary Committee members was not an “intern” for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), as originally reported. The 27-year-old career staffer, Jackson Cosko, was, instead, reportedly a “fellow” paid by an “outside institution” who served as a primary adviser in Lee’s Congressional office.
According to the Tennessee Star, “[w]hile [Lee] claims Cosko was an ‘unpaid intern’ in her office, the Washington Post reports that Cosko was actually a ‘fellow.’ This was confirmed by Cosko’s lawyer, who said his client was a ‘fellow’ in Jackson-Lee’s office and that he was being paid by an ‘outside institution.’”
The “outside institution” has yet to be named, but the position of “fellow” is much different from that of “intern.” According to correspondence from Lee’s office, Cosko was routinely trusted to advise Lee and communicate with with other members of Congress, specifically those co-sponsoring Lee’s bills. More
Tennessee Star:
What “outside institution” paid for Cosko’s fellowship? Did that entity know about his illegal activities? What other fellowships does this “outside organization” pay for? What other House or Senate offices are hosting fellows paid by this organization?
“Intern” and “fellow” are not interchangeable because they aren’t even close to being the same thing. While internships are reserved for inexperienced college students, fellowships are usually serious policy positions and are typically filled by professionals working within other federal agencies or the private sector who are brought to a congressional office for a short stint to help a member of Congress better understand the agency or business for which that member has oversight responsibilities. More

Let’s not forget it was Shelia Jackson that handed Ford’s attorney an envelope… 

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