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Texas Mom Caught On Video Disciplining 14-year-old Son Who Stole Her BMW

Texas Mom Caught On Video Disciplining 14-year-old Son Who Stole Her BMW
Written by Alicia F. Luke

A Texas mom has gone viral after she chased down her 14-year-old son who had stolen her new BMW and opened up a can of whoop-a$$ on him on the side of the road.

Wonderful, there are still mothers that believe in teaching kids how to know right from wrong.


Liza Martinez didn’t know the camera was rolling when she put a spanking on her 14-year-old son who stole her car. She is not embarrassed, though.
Her daughter, Liza Campero, who gave her mom a belt to use and posted recordings of it on social media said her brother deserved it.
“I’m sure y’all understand being the oldest and growing up a certain way and seeing the youngest being brought up totally differently,” she said in a video posted on YouTube. “So handing that belt over was like a pleasure, a rite of passage.”
Aaron disconnected mom’s home Wi-Fi to get around her Google Home monitor. He called his mother at work and led her to believe weather took it out. Then, he sneaked out in her BMW.
Aaron picked up a friend whose mom spilled the beans to Aaron’s mother. Worried about her son driving in the rain, Martinez ordered her daughter to grab a belt, an e-cigarette cartridge and bring them to her Escalade. More

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