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Voters Celebrate Trump’s Foreign Policy: ‘Finally Got Somebody With Some Balls’

Voters Celebrate Trump’s Foreign Policy: ‘Finally Got Somebody With Some Balls’
Written by Alicia F. Luke

CNN uses polls to lie to the American people trying to make us jump on the bandwagon. But they are lying. Most people support Trump. Most people are not the ‘racists’ that they claim we are.

How deep did they have to dig to find someone who disagrees with President Trump? CNN actually thinks the American people believe CNN polls?? Pathetic!


Voters in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, told CNN’s Martin Savidge that they were ready to vote for President Donald Trump again thanks to his strong foreign policy.

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They expressed satisfaction with Trump’s foreign policy, from pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal to moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“How are you feeling?” Savidge asked Ron Farster, a trucker who voted for Trump.

“Great,” Farster replied. “Finally got somebody with some balls.”

“Everybody’s taken advantage of the United States,” Farster added. “We’ve always been too easy and gave them what they wanted.”

Brian Klingensmith said the Iran nuclear deal was the product of trusting rogue regimes too much.

“There were some bad deals made and, you know, you can’t trust all these regimes that are out there,” he said. “You know, think he’s doing what he thinks he right.”

Retired Air Force veteran Dan Wagner said Trump is becoming his favorite president from a foreign policy standpoint because he puts pressure on other countries. More

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